Meet the Pastor

Rev. James Grossmann became our pastor in March of 2023. He received a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering from Dordt College and a M.Div. From Heidelberg Theological Seminary. He has previously served churches in Ashley, ND and Eureka, SD. Pastor Grossmann and his wife Michelle are parents to four children.
Our Pastor serves under the oversight of our Spiritual Counsel of Elders and of our Consistory consisting of our Elders and Deacons. Together they shepherd the flock committed to their care. We serve under the oversight of the Covenant East Classis of the Reformed Church in the United States (RCUS).


Excellent resources on the Bible and current events can be found at the links below. We do not necessarily agree with every statement or advertisement that may be found on these sites, but we encourage you to check these out and test all things by the Word of God, the Holy Bible.

~ Bible Study ~


Excellent overall website. This is the FIRST place I go to when I want to do research online on any Bible passage or theology topic. It has gathered sources in from all over the internet.

Logos Bible Software

This is the premier Bible Software available.  I use it every day.  It is great for non-pastors as well!  Check out the 70+ free resources available to you at their online version,, Bible Study Online, a service of Logos Bible Software.  They also have free apps for your phone/tablet.

Christian Classics Library  

An excellent source of most Bible commentaries, devotions, and theological studies written throughout Church history up until the 20th Century. They are all available for free. There is a helpful study link where you can have the Bible on the left and a commentary on the right, such as John Calvin’s commentary.

~ Current Events from a Christian Perspective ~

Answers in Genesis.

Excellent resources on the Creation and Evolution issues. Good resources for adults and kids.

WORLD magazine 

How do you make sense of current events?  Are there any Christians in the media, helping us to understand the world and everything in it?  Yes, there are!  Many of the finest Christian journalists have been working for decades at WORLD magazine.  

HeadHeartHand Media

David Murray is excellent with providing Biblical meditations, Biblical responses to current events, and Biblical Counseling.  He has great free resources on Christians facing Depression, Anger, and other issues. Informing the Reforming

A great CURRENT EVENTS place to go, from Tim Challies. He is an expert in the Christian use of technology and media. He has gathered relevant articles from around the internet of use to conservative Christians. He is basically Reformed. He also has excellent infographics called VISUAL THEOLOGY.

Ligonier Ministries

The website for R.C. Sproul’s teaching ministry. In addition to being a place to purchase his materials, there are many free study materials and articles available online.


Cumberland Valley Bible Book Service.

They have excellent resources on various topics. They also have a link where you can ask a pastor for book recommendations on specific subjects. You can ask a new question, or browse previous questions and answers. I have used this before.

Reformation Heritage Books.

This is my FAVORITE place to order books. They have an excellent selection, excellent prices, and helpful categories. The staff is also excellent.