Three Forms Of Unity

What do we believe?

All people have beliefs.  In the same way, every church also has beliefs.  Some people like to say they have "No creed but Christ!"  That statement, however, is itself a creed.  Throughout history, Christians have been honest enough to know that they must test their interpretation of the Bible with other Christians, and to study out what God's Word, the ultimate authority in all of life, really reveals to us.

We are not ashamed to state that our beliefs have been tested by the Word of God for centuries.  We are happy to provide these standards for you to review.  Please compare each of these statements with the Scripture references that are provided, as well as any other relevant Scriptures.

Then come worship with us, ask us questions, and join us in the joy of confessing the faith in the One True Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Romans 10:9-10

2 Timothy 3:14-17